Friday, May 2, 2014

Blog 4

My edit 2000 20% project was about how technology and social media can effect an athlete. I have learned in this project that athletes need to be a lot more careful about what they post and how they go about there life in general because everyone is watching them. I learned that athletes are always being watched and people like to see athletes fall and get in trouble. They have to always be on their best behavior and never put anything out into the world that people can see. I presented to about 5 or 6 different people and every one of them seemed like they enjoyed it and that it made sense to them. It was a lot easier for me to relate to this topic because I am a collegiate athlete and understand the risk. I learned that athletes can not tweet and post certain pictures that normal people post because they will get in trouble and also the program they play for will get in trouble. All the people I presented to told me they enjoyed my ideas and for the most part I think they really liked it. I also learned that athletes are sometimes banned from social media's for the sake of the program and possibly because someone from that certain team had caused a problem before. These are all things I have learned and things I will take with me as long as I am playing sports.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blog 2

Many things that go on in sports is always blown up on every social media site there is. For example, after the Seattle Seahawks playoff game Rickard Sherman had some words that were said to a reporter that were not normal and a little crazy to some people. The way I found out about this was through twitter because everyone on there was going crazy about what he did. Sherman said things that were belittling the other player on the other team. I was not even watching the game but just seeing all the comments on twitter made me go and look for it on the internet. This shows that it can really hurt athletes because the people talk about it more and more people find out about it. Athletes need to be careful what they do and say to people because you never know when a camera is around you to get you in trouble through social media.

Blog 3

Social media has transformed college football recruiting by allowing these kids to let the world know about their recruiting process through facebook, twitter, etc. If a recruit were to post something on twitter such as “go dawgs” people would automatically think that he was going to come to Georgia. These social media’s have made these kids think they are on top of the world. Most of the top recruits end up not being as successful as the lower recruits because they have less attention and work harder. Some recruits love the attention and some do not enjoy it at all, I experienced it myself and never enjoyed it at all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I picked my idea because I am an athlete myself and would like to know if media really does effect the performance of a professional athlete. I want to see if it is the athlete who has to cause a situation or if social media puts these athletes in bad positions. I believe that the only way that media can hurt the athletes is if they make it hurt them, by publishing things that are not acceptable for a professional to do. Such as smoking, drinking, or and unacceptable behavior. These are the things that get athletes in trouble.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Driving Question:
                How coaches use technology to teach players playbook and how they use technology to get their program popular.

Other ideas
                How technology can effect sleep
                How technology can effect professional athletes training.
Final product
                Results of the question
Individuals who will benefit